Hermandad Emaús

What is Emaús?

The Hermandad Emaús is a way of Christian life which starts with the experience of a personal encounter with the Risen Jesus through the retreat of Emmaus. It motivates one to insert himself in the Church, to walk together with the Lord in a spirit full of service, and seeking new answers of faith through a permanent process towards conversion, formation and transformation into missionary disciples. 


  • To go out to meet the brothers who are far away from Christ and His Church, so that we may walk towards a process of formation and transformation into disciples of Christ as a community, in a great family of brothers and sisters.
  • Our mission is to follow the call of the Risen Jesus to serve our brothers, transforming lives with the power of the Gospel, sharing our missionary experience of our personal life, as a family, as a community, and as a church.

How is it achieved?

  • Through formation and general meetings which are carried out for the spiritual growth of the fraternity. Emaús is eminently parochial, at the obedience of our pastor, Rev. Israel Rodriguez, and at the service of our community of St. Mary of the Assumption.

For more information, please contact:
Yrene Díaz- Coordinator Emaús for Women, 978-852-3118, [email protected]
Juan Miguel Veras - Coordinator Emaús for Men, 978-423-1411.