“He who Sings, Prays Twice”…St. Augustine

Come and Sing!

If you would like to participate in one of our parish choirs, please call the Parish Office, 978-685-1111.

Since its beginning, the church has prayed “in song”. Here at St. Mary of the Assumption our choirs praise God, uniting parishioners from diverse cultures.

To sing raises the spirits, gives us a brighter insight and unites hearts. The choirs of St. Mary of the Assumption Church inspire in each of us the desire to become instruments of praise.

Through the generosity of our parishioners, we have musical instruments that are used as an invitation to play, pray and praise God with song.

Our church resounds with the instruments that lead our voices, raising them up to God. This fruit of unification of sound and song inspires all to offer their praise to our Creator.

This musical ministry irradiates outward amplifying the circle more and more.
We share our ministry with ecumenical projects alongside other churches and local organizations. By means of sacred music we proclaim Christ to the world.

• An apostolic model of music ministry
• Engage those who live a life of praise
• Make disciples in a growing community
• Carry the torch, raise the level, make an exemplary model

This is an invitation to share the joy of a musical apostolate, an investment in the next generation of believers, a church with musical knowledge and attributes