Charismatic Group

What is Charismatic Renewal?

It is really impossible to tell someone what a Charismatic Prayer Meeting is like. To say it succinctly, it is an encounter with God Himself under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is so unique that you have to experience it personally to know what it is like. People come together as family to give praise, worship and honor to Jesus Christ, our Saviour and for the building up of God’s Church. There are times when the meeting is joyfully exuberant, especially with music and vocal praise of God, because people are excited about God being present in their midst. Sporting events are noisy because of the excitement of seeing local heroes win a game – why not get excited about God? (He’s excited about you!). There are times when it’s quiet because God in our midst brings us to reverent awe of Him. There are manifestations of gifts of the Spirit (read 1Corinthians 12) because the Spirit equips every person uniquely and specially to follow God’s plan for their life. If you come you will see people whose lives have been totally changed by the presence of God and filled with joyful hope through the power of God’s Spirit at the meetings. Many have also experienced physical, spiritual and emotional healings through individual prayer available after the meetings. We invite you to experience this touch of God personally. It is so new and different for most people that we ask those who come, to attend 3 meetings before you make up your mind about its affect on your life. For many the result is a new and joy-filled life!

Charismatic Renewal Services—Archdiocese of Boston -

In Our Parish
Here in St. Mary's, the Charismatic Group meets every Wednesday after the Mass, at about 7:15pm. In addition, every first Sunday of the month they have an assembly meeting in the Gym of the School, after the 12:30pm Mass, at about 2:00pm. For more information please contact Jose Luis Gonzalez 978-601-8594, or Yvelise Roman 978-902-5490, [email protected]