Catholic Christian Family Movement (CFM)

What is CFM?

It is a lay movement which groups together Catholic families supported by the spiritual aid of bishops, priests, deacons and religious.


*  To make the Hispanic families of the State of Massachusetts form people, to teach them in the faith, and promote the integral development of the community and of the domestic church.
*  It operates in the conjugal, familial and communal scale, promoting family values.
*  To offer opportunities for team work in the study of the themes and for an interchange of ideas among the members of the family.
*  To understand the importance of marriage and teh family as a cell of society.

What are CFM's aims?

♥     Stronger and united marriages
♥     More harmonious relationships between parents and children.
♥     Better communication and dialogue between the spouses.
♥     Happier homes.
♥     More honest environments where the children may grow up and develop in a Christian way.
♥     To form truly Christian and Catholic communities.
♥     To restore the family in Christ.
♥     To live the marriage as a sacrament.

How will it achieve them?

*  Through study sessions in the different homes of the members of the group, twice a month.
*  Through informal conversations where the needs and the reality of marriage and the family are analyzed. 
*  Through an exchange of opinions and experiences of the marriage as a sacrament and the base of society.
*  Through conclusions which, under Christ's light, may enlighten the conjugal and family life.
*  Through orientation in the task of educating the children.

What does CFM do?

*  Communication and dialogue between the spouses to develop and strengthen their marriage.
*  Opportunities for dialogue between parents and children, promoting a greater union in the family and the development of each member.
*  Better understanding of our parish's and community's problems, seeking constructive changes.
*  To develop a different style of life with more appropriate human, Christian and Catholic values.


In Our Parish

For more information or to register, please contact Juan and Alba Diaz at 978-985-6600, [email protected]

The CFM is not an illusion, nor an empty promise; it can do a lot for you and your family. Try it, see and prove it.

Christian Family Movement USA-Lawrence Federation